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The WinterPages     

The WinterPages is the advertising section of WINTERFLOWER Magazine.
Standard page sizes include full page ads, half page, quarter page and eighth page ads, as well as classified ad listings. 


Display Ad Prices (horizontal or vertical)

 Business Card
 1/16 Sixteenth Page$75 
 1/8 Eighth Page $150
 1/4 Quarter Page $250
 1/2 Half Page $400
 Full Page $750

Classified Ads  -  32 Characters and spaces across is $15 per line.

Rates are quoted per issue, price includes basic layout and design. The following discounts may be applied:

·Not-for-Profit Organizations or Consumer-Run Programs/Businesses: 10%

· Ads run in 2 consecutive issues: 10%

·Ads run in 3 consecutive issues: 20%

·Ads run in 4+ consecutive issues: 25%

Print Ad Specifications  -  We prefer 300 dpi grayscale* PDFs. For graphics, we accept jpg and tiff files. For text ads, we accept txt, doc, and rft  (no graphics).

Classified Ads  -  32 Characters and spaces across is $15 per line.

Circulation Statistics  -  E-publication: 10,000+ per issue. Print: On demand varies per issue.

Color Ads* – for Display or Print  -  For an extra $300, your ad can be in color only for print-on-demand publications. For ePublication* there is no extra charge for color.


Please make checks or money order payable to:

Creative Women’s Network indicating Winterflower Subscription in memo, and mail to:

Creative Women’s Network, PO Box 350-229, Brooklyn, NY 11235.             Thank you.

Regarding advertising and classifieds, please see our WinterPages section, or contact us for further information at or, and make sure that WINTERFLOWER MAGAZINE is in the Subject area of your memo. 

PAYPAL will be available soon.