Creative Professional Services & Community Building Thru The Arts


   Creative Women's Network is seeking a new Brooklyn location in which to house its family of people and projects, Goddess House. In this location, we shall unite under one roof our home based publishing cooperative, creative, workshop, living and sacred space. In this way we shall live, work, create, learn, heal and grow as a spiritual center, an intentional community and home based business model.

We seek to obtain a Brooklyn based house or building, such as a brownstone, or multi-family dwelling in which to set up our centrally located office space, living space, workshop and rehearsal space, educational and creative arts space, and our spiritual center where individuals and small groups may worship, pray, meditate, meet, incubate ideas and plan and initiate projects. This is the brainchild of creative visionary rev. lisa roma.

"It has been several years now since Spirit has planted the seed for GODDESS HOUSE within me. With a core group of consciousness intelligent women and men living and working collaboratively, we will be more readily able to comfortably economize our lives while capitalizing on productivity and quality of service. 2014 is the time for this to happen," says GODDESS HOUSE team leader and its prime motivator rev. lisa roma. "I always say, you can't rush divine timing but you can't hold it back either." 

The amazing plan to create an intentional community, within which to house our home based businesses and launch our spiritual center, GODDESS HOUSE is a win-win situation for all. 

If you have a house or building suitable for GODDESS HOUSE, and would like to use it as a tax write-off this year, please contact rev. lisa roma immediately. Time is of the essence. Our fiscal sponsor, We, The World, is also accepting donations on our behalf in order to help us defray expenses and make GODDESS HOUSE a reality. Stay tuned for upcoming news and fundraising events.

If you wish to send tax-deductible checks or money orders for this important project, please make them payable to We, The World, a 501 (c) (3) earmarked (in the check memo) for GODDESS HOUSE. You may then mail your check today to Creative Women's Network at PO Box 350-229, Brooklyn, NY 11235. 

Feel free to contact us at (917) 881-5134, or email us at  You can also make direct contributions to or  

Thank you.